HL641 LED Brass Square Over Head Shower Head For Bathroom

If you want your life to be full of color, a product that can make your life full of color. It can be free to flow out of the water column full of crystal clear luster, your shower will become a dream world, wave light scales. Product features: 1、 Temperature control, color change: (1): When the water temperature is below or equal to 30 degrees when the free conversion to green. (2): 30 - 38 degrees automatically converted to blue light. (3): 39-46 degrees to when it turns to red light on. (4): 47 degrees or more will flash to remind your honorable water temperature is too high. 2, the applicable population; All people, especially suitable for the elderly and children to use, can prevent the water temperature is too high and scalded, is an extremely convenient and practical products. 3, environmental protection and energy saving; The water source is connected to the water source without batteries, the moment the water is sprayed will emit a single color of light. Even at night in the bath room bath without lights are very bright. This product from the perspective of environmental protection and energy saving.Reasonable design, beautiful appearance!

Products Details

Style Over Head Shower
ITEM No. HL641
Product Description Brass over head shower head
Material Brass
Product size 250*150mm
Function Rain
Surface Process Optional (Chromed/ Matt Black /Brushed Nickel)
Packing Optional (white box /Double blister package/customized color box )
Ball inside the rain shower head Brass ball
Nozzle on shower head TPE
Department Port Ningbo ,Shanghai
Certificate cUPC

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