ST-017 Toilet Auger with 6mm*7.6m wire

Toilet auger is a tool used to clean toilet bowls and drains. It is typically made up of a long, thin, flexible metal wire that is inserted into the toilet bowl or drain, and rotated to clean the inside of the bowl or unblock the drain.

To use a toilet auger, you first need to remove the top of the auger and insert the wire into the toilet bowl or drain. Then, you can rotate the auger clockwise to clean the inside of the bowl or unblock the drain. If you are cleaning a toilet bowl, you may need to use a chemical cleaner or other cleaning product to remove stains and other deposits.

Toilet augers are commonly found in home toolkits, and are used for cleaning toilet bowls and drains when they become blocked.

Our Advantages of the Toilet Auger ● Scratch proof protective ● Vinyl tubing for protection ● Ideal for drains and toilets

Products Details

Style Toilet Auger
ITEM No. ST-017
Product Description 6mm*7.6m wire Toilet Auger
Product size 6mm*7.6m
Packing Optional (white box /Double blister package/customized color box )
Department Port Ningbo ,Shanghai
Certificate /

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